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The Importance and Prospects of Waste Recycling for Environmental Protection in New Zealand

We know that garbage recycling is a major role in saving resources and reducing environmental pollution. However, we are still not doing enough at present, especially in developed countries.

In New Zealand, for example, the amount of waste generated by New Zealanders is ranked tenth in all countries, and the amount of garbage generated per capita is the highest in developed countries. New Zealanders consume 750,000 tons of packaging per year, with a recovery rate of only 58%. The rest are landfilled, and the entire New Zealand landfill has an annual landfill of 3.5 million tons. The main reasons are as follows: First, the garbage recycling capacity is limited; second, the recycling technology and cost of some plastics are not feasible;third, the packaging materials need to be adjusted and optimized to create conditions for recycling; fourth, the excessive use of resources and waste is a big problem.

To reduce landfill, we must start from solving the above four problems, continuously improve the recycling capacity, improve the processing technology of plastics, and reduce the processing cost. Optimize and improve packaging materials to make them easy to recycle. Take effective measures to overcome overuse and waste of resources. The Auckland City Council has decided to achieve zero waste targets by 2040.

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